Vote for the BOP STOP – Currently in 2nd Place by ONE Vote! — in the Best Venue Poll

Through Mon 4/15

The website All About Jazz is one of the pioneering digital publications – it’s nearly 25 years old! It’s established itself as the go-to place for information on jazz.

Currently, it’s hosting its online poll to pick the best jazz venue in the world, and one of the current leading contenders is Cleveland’s BOP STOP. The Ohio City club was build specifically as a state-of-the-art listening room to host jazz after it had been located in several other spaces. It opened in 2003 but closed as a full time music venue several years later. It sat empty until 2014 when owners Ron Busch and Anita Nonneman donated it to the music education nonprofit The Music Settlement. Since then, it’s been filled almost every night with both touring and local ensembles, with an emphasis on jazz but also pop, reggae, hip hop, rock, classical, blues and more, plus student recitals, benefits, films and special events.

You can vote by signing up for a free account at Each voter can choose five clubs, and you can help boost the Bop Stop by making your other four choices obscure venues no one’s heard of. No, that’s not cheating!

Currently the Bop Stop has climbed to second place, and in first place among U.S. clubs. Voting continues through Mon 4/15.

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3 Responses to “Vote for the BOP STOP – Currently in 2nd Place by ONE Vote! — in the Best Venue Poll”

  1. love BOP STOP

  2. Ronn Murphy

    Love the BOP STOP

  3. Marco Napolitano

    great place for Jazz

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