The Easter Keg Hunt in Downtown Akron Is an Adults-Only Scavenger Hunt

Sat 4/6 @ 2-8PM

Easter egg hunts are for kids, but the Easter Keg Hunt in downtown Akron is for adults only to relive some of the fun they had as kids hunting for eggs and jellybeans.

At this 3rd annual event, teams of up to six participants will be assigning a starting location to get their first clue. That will lead them to the next one, where find a keg and get their next clue. They receive rewards at each location, and when everyone has found all the kegs, they head for the Barley House for the Participants After Party, for food, drinks and music, all included in the ticket price.

There’ll also be prizes in categories such as best-dressed team, best Instagram post and best group photo. It’s $30 for a single team member, $180 for a team of six.


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