Jazz Trio Typical Sisters Explores Music from Rock to Improvisation at the BOP STOP

Sat 4/6 @ 10-11:30PM

Typical Sisters are not siblings. They are not even women. They are a trio of improvisational jazz musicians from Los Angeles — guitarist Greg Uhlmann, bassist Clark Sommers and drummer Matt Carroll. Uhlmann and Carroll have known each other so long they might as well be related. They met Sommers when they were in their teens.

Now they make music that’s been compared to jazz innovators like John Scofield and Bill Frisell, while playing in a variety of other contexts, as talented jazz musicians tend to raging from the avant-garde Similar Fashion to vocalist Kurt Elling’s band. But Typical Sisters is their own special thing, showcased on their self-titled 2016 debut and its follow-up Hungry Ghost, which covers a wide range of territory from rock and Americana to free-ranging jazz improvisation.

They’ll be at the BOP STOP in a show co-presented with Cleveland’s New Ghosts; tickets are $15.


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