State Rep. Janine Boyd & Guests Share What’s Going on in Columbus at the Shaker Historical Society

Sun 3/31 @ 3PM

There’s a lot of public attention being devoted right now to the corruption, bigotry and unpredictability emanating from the Trump administration, understandably. But a lot of people aren’t paying attention to a level of government that has more impact on their daily lives: state government. It would probably be depressing to learn what percentage of citizens even knows the names of their state senator and state representative. And yet, what goes on in Columbus has a major effect on quality of life across the state.

Want to fill in some gaps in your knowledge? In honor of Women’s History Month, state representative Janine Boyd of Cleveland Heights and her guests will be talking at the Shaker Historical Society about legislation she and some of her Democratic colleagues are proposing to improve the lives of women and children. They include Aisha’s Law, named after Aisha Fraser, the Shaker Heights teacher who was killed by her ex-husband last November. It creates some expanded protections for victims of domestic abuse.

She’ll also be talking about the role of black women in politics, something that’s highly visible in her own district, where she, the state Senator (Sandra Williams) and congressperson (Marcia Fudge) are all black women, and two of the adjoining state house districts, as well as one from Akron, are also represented by black women: Stephanie Howse, Juanita Brent and Emilia Sykes. Don’t be surprised if ne or more of them are among her guests.

The program is $5 for Shaker Historical Society members, $10 for non-members. You can buy tickets here.


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