Re-formed Local ’90s Record Label Sound of the Sea Showcases Three Bands at the Happy Dog

Sat 3/9 @ 9PM

Formed in the early 1990s, Cleveland-based Sound of the Sea Records was one of the things that fueled the area’s thriving ’90s folk-rock scene. It was run by Alan Grandy of Terrible Parade, who also played with the trio Sputnik and perhaps the most interesting band of Cleveland folk rockers from that era, Jehova Waitresses.

As many one-man labels do when life gets in the way, the label was dormant for many years. But now Grandy is picking up the where he left off and re-activating it. He’s reissued a lot of his solo stuff and Sputnik material, along with his legendary 1991 compilation They Showered Us With Beads and Flowers, which featured some of the prominent bands and musicians in the local folk rock and singer/songwriter scene at the time, including Odd Girl Out, the Waynes, Charlie Mosbrook, John McGrail, Cindy MacKay and Jehovah Waitresses.

He’s also got some new acts on his roster which move away from the ’90s and toward contemporary indie rock. Three of them will be showcasing this weekend at the Happy Dog. The headliner is Fits of Hail, who recently released a 7” EP and will preview songs from their upcoming album. The band includes Grande, Chris Anderson, John Kalman and Mike Reilly, all veterans of the local indie rock scene. They’ll be joined by Strange Messenger, described as “gnarly rock,” who will release their six-song debut album on SotS in the spring, and the duo High Season.

Admission is $5.


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