New Blue of Yale Women’s Singing Ensemble Performs at Nighttown

Mon 3/18 @ 7PM

Yale University has many singing groups which function almost like sororities with rushes, bids and pledging, as singers view to get an invite from their favored group.

When Yale went coed in 1969, after more than 268 years as an all-male institution, it had many such groups but none for women. Eleven women rectified the situation with their own group, called in contrast to Yale’s “Old Blue” “The New Blue of Yale.”

The group now has 14 members and 50 years’ history behind it. It has created original arrangements that take advantage of women’s vocal ranges. It releases an album every other year, starting with 1970’s Since You Asked. And it does two tours every year, which have taken them to major U.S. cities, as well as Toronto, Paris, London, Oxford, San Juan, Istanbul and Singapore. And they manage to keep up with their studies in majors such as math, philosophy, neuroscience and biomedical engineering. Here’s how serious they are: there is only one blonde in the group (she’s the biomedical engineering major) — try saying that about any southern university cheerleading squad!

The group rolls into Nighttown on a typically sleepy Monday evening — no, Nighttown doesn’t take the day after St. Patrick’s Day off. Tickets are $20.



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