Maelstrom Collaborative Arts’ “Bricolage” Is Back With New Creative Teams

Thu 3/14-Sat 3/16 @ 7:30PM

Once again, Maelstrom Collaborative Arts lives up to the “collaborative” part of its name, with another installation of its “Bricolage” series.

Each edition gathers a group of creative people, including musicians, dancers, actors, theater artists and visual artists, and sets them to work together to come up with something brand-new. Four teams have a six-week period to do so, with the expectation that these new collaborations will push all involved to experiment, try new things and expand their artistic boundaries.

This edition features oboist/composer Devin Hinzo and multimedia/installation/ performance artist Susie Underwood exploring human history via “space, song and campy sci-fi.” Performance-based visual/movement artist & yoga instructor Elaine Hullihen and hip hop dancer/ink artist Austin Wilson investigate the differences and similarities in the spiritual and artistic practices. Filmmaker Jasmine A. Golphin, dancer Emily Liptow and musician Tay Williams looked at the implications of surveillance, technology and live video. And finally, performer Martinique Mims and visual artist Anna Tararova use drumming, spoken word performance, movement, bookmaking, and large-scale visual art to address the nature of dreams.

Tickets are $10 online or at the door at Maelstrom Collaborative Arts Headquarters in Gordon Square.


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