Learn About About the Rights & Responsibilities of Cyclists at the Happy Dog

Wed 3/13 @ 7PM

Cyclists must know the laws of the road, as well as their rights in the case of an accident, the same way drivers do. However, these rules and practices are not as well known. To offer a hand, Bike Cleveland and Happy Dog will be collaborating to host a free forum to better understand bikes and the law.

On Wednesday, March 13, join Bike Cleveland supporters and legal professionals Ken Knabe and Steve Magas at the Happy Dog in this discussion of rights and responsibilities, not just when on a bike, but when driving alongside them as well. As avid bike riders themselves, Knabe and Magas are passionate about protecting cyclists and ensuring they know what to do when things go wrong.

The two will provide short presentations on different aspects of bike laws, and then open it up to a Q&A to have your questions answered.

Bike Cleveland also provides further resources on biking and the law:


[Written by Jenna Thomas]

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