Getting Closer?

We can feel it now. A few more steps in the right direction.

We may have a way to go in accepting each other fully, but the collective known as MANDEM is doing their part, identifying as nonbinary/genderqueer and as neurodiverse and/or disabled, and their powerful and beautiful work is featured at the Gallery at Lakeland Community College and in this week’s video interview by CoolCleveland correspondent Megan Alves.

Akron singer/songwriter Zach Friedhof has the right idea. He’s celebrating his new release with four different release shows, one for each season. Fashionista Valerie Mayen kicks off her sustainable “Hi, Fashion” event at the Capitol Theatre with a screening of The True Cost of Fashion. The Magalen in Slavic Village hosts a conversation inspired by the 50th anniversary of our most famous fire. The Cleveland Public Library opens The World of Puppets, with performances, workshops, talks and crafts for all ages.

The guy who got closest to tapping into Cleveland’s soul, in my opinion, was poet Daniel Thompson, and a doc based on his life premieres at Cleveland Hts and Lakewood libraries. Mansfield celebrates how advertising has been showing “blended” families, getting us ever closer to embracing one another for who we are, rather than what we look like. We’re getting there. –Thomas Mulready

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