Expose Your Infant to the Idea of Recycling at the Akron Art Museum’s Art Babes

Thu 3/21 @ 10:30AM

Young people have been taking the lead on environmental issues, with their activism, marches, protests and even lawsuits.But how about really, really, REALLY young people? Infants between 0 and 12 months may not be fully aware of how climate change is impacting the earth (let’s just say they’re not!) but diligent parents can implant awareness in their little minds at the Akron Art Museum’s monthly Art Babes sessions for babies and their caregivers, which features games, sensory play and simply wordplay.

This month’s Art Babe features bubble wrap chassé with raffia tutus as the little ones are engaged in movement with recyclables. It’s never to soon to get them used to the idea of creative reuse!

It’s $5 for members, $10 for a nonmember child. Registration is required; go here.


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