Cleveland’s Oregon Space Trail of Doom Releases Its First CD at the Happy Dog

Sat 3/30 @ 9PM

The name “Oregon Space Trail of Doom” sounds like it belongs to some noise/rock band who played at the Euclid Tavern in the 90s.

In reality, it’s the handle of a new four-piece two guitar/bass/drums ensemble that plays guitar-driven poppy hard rock (or as they call it “supersonic rock”) that could be enjoyed by a wide range of rockers. With Nolan Cavano and Ryan Fletterick on guitar and vocals, Nick Yanasko on bass and vocals, and Tony Kazel on drums, the local group began a year and a half ago as a trio, expanded into a quartet of, in their own words, “cosmic cowboys [with] but one intention: to create a musical score for the impending interstellar apocalypse.”

Is that apocalypse at hand? The release of their debut CD is! Check it out at the Happy Dog where they’ll be performing with Beach Stav and Psycho Men. Admission is $6.


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