Cleveland’s Contemporary Youth Orchestra Performs Music by Composer Joan Tower

Sat 3/9 @ 7PM

Women composers have been given the short shrift throughout the history of classical music. Luckily their opportunities expanded in the 20th century, and hopefully old attitudes will die in the 21st.

That’s one reason it’s so encouraging to see Cleveland’s Contemporary Youth Orchestra, which includes more than 100 top-caliber high school-age musicians, take on the music of one of the significant contemporary women composers, 80-year-old Joan Tower. Currently a professor at Bard College, she’s written extensively for both orchestras and chamber ensembles.

The CYO will perform her Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman #6, a 2016 addition to her popular five-part Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman written between 1986-1993, inspired by Aaron Copland’s 1942 Fanfare for the Common Man. They’ll also play Stroke, written for her brother who had a stroke at a young age, In Memory, for a friend who died on 9/11, and Tambor, which features a large percussion section.

The orchestra will perform at the Tri-C Metro Campus Auditorium. Tickets are $10-$25.



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