Cleveland Orchestra’s Musical Explorers Gives Kids a Taste of the “Terrific Trumpet”

Fri 3/15 @ 10AM

Sat 3/16 @ 11AM

As a grade schooler I was told I couldn’t play the trumpet because it was a “boy’s instrument.” I got stuck with the clarinet and left band after a single year.

Luckily, things have changed. While there are no female trumpet players in the Cleveland Orchestra at this time, you’ll see plenty of them in local high school marching bands. (The girls playing the tubas really get a thumbs-up from me!)

And the Cleveland Orchestra’s Musical Explorers program “The Terrific Trumpet” is open to pre-schoolers of all genders.

These programs focus on a particular instrument, which Cleveland Orchestra members demonstrate and play short kid-friendly tunes on while encouraging clapping, singing and jumping around. Tickets are $7.



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