Burning River Baroque Explores in Music How Ancient Issues Connect With Today’s

Tue 3/19-Sat 3/23

Burning River Baroque’s original take on baroque music is to put together pieces to tell themed stories with social, political and emotional narratives the cross time periods and make old ideas contemporary.

In their next series of concerts, “The Other Side of The Story: Untold Perspectives on Familiar Tales,” they look at the ways in which certain ideas of female exploitation and toxic masculinity that have come to the forefront in the #MeToo movement have been a thread throughout history from ancient times until today.

“We frequently get to experience history through the victor’s eyes,” says Burning River’s co-director Malina Rauschenfels. “We’re interested in hearing the other side of the story — from those populations that are often marginalized.”

They’ll perform a house concert in Fairlawn Tue 3/19, at Fresh Perspectives on Wed 3/20, at St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Cleveland Heights on Thu 3/21, at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Youngstown on Fri 3/22, and at the Lakewood Congregational Church on Sat 3/23. Tickets range from $10-$20. Go here for more details:


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