Astronomy Talk at Cleveland Museum of Nature History Explores Dwarf Galaxies

Thu 3/7 @ 8PM

“Frontiers of Astronomy” is a lecture series hosted by the Cleveland Museum of Natural History that covers topics related to astronomy, cosmology and astrophysics.

In the upcoming talk “Lions, Archers and Bears: Dwarf Galaxies in the Local Group,” Case Western Reserve University’s Dr. Bill Janesh will talk about the dwarf galaxies that share a home in the so-called “Local Group,” of which Earth and its Milky Way are a part, along with our nearest galaxy, the Andromeda Galaxy. He’ll share what they can teach us about how the universe works, what a galaxy is and how they form and change over time.

The lecture, taking place in CMNH’s Murch Auditorium, is free and no reservation is required. Doors open at 7pm. If it’s a clear night, the observatory is open following the program.

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