What Do We Call Ourselves?

No, let’s not argue over CLE vs. The Land vs. 330 vs. The Rubber City. More like, what should we be known for? Like, who are we? For example, at CoolCleveland, we resonate with arts, culture, entrepreneurialism, authenticity.

Columnist Charles Mosley takes this whole issue very seriously and asks, “What Should Black People Call Themselves?,” while Mansfield Frazier calls BS on the appointment of three white cops as detectives to the homicide unit.

But we call ourselves a lot of things around here: beekeepers (see this week’s CoolCLE PODCAST), Grammy winners (Apollo’s Fire celebrates their win with Baroque Bistro), poets (hear Steven B. Smith read at Art on Madison’s Poetry + event), environmentalists (many groups, including CPT, are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the infamous Cuyahoga River fire), lovers (celebrate Galentine’s Day at Fear’s Confections), travelers (columnist Claudia Taller maps out a regional itinerary for a romantic tryst), rock stars (slow jams and rock and roll love stories at the Rock Hall), and coolistas (the Canton Museum of Art shows off the wealth of offerings available in the region).

Turns out we have a lot of different names for ourselves. –Thomas Mulready

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