“Rebel Without a Cause” Is on the Screen at Movie Night at Severance Hall

Fri 3/1 @ 8PM

One of the most identifiable films of the 1950s, Rebel Without a Cause helped create the image of the rootless “juvenile delinquent” shaking up the complacent, conformist Eisenhower-era America. It starred James Dean as a confused teen in his signature red bomber jacket, with Natalie Wood as his female foil. One of Dean’s only three significant roles, he had already died in a car crash at age 24 when the film was released in late 1955. It’s his best known role, the one that created the image of Dean that lingers to this day.

The film will be screened at Movie Night at Severance Hall. The score, composed by Leonard Rosenman, will be played live by the Cleveland Orchestra, conducted by Scott Dunn. Tickets are $37-$127.


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