Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg Visits Parma-Snow Library

Tue 2/12 @ 7-8:30PM

It’s very unlikely that Pete Buttigieg will be the 2020 Democratic candidate for president. Wait … you say, you didn’t know he was running? And you don’t even know who he is? Well, there you go!

Yes, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana (pop. 100,000) has officially thrown his hat in the ring. Never mind that no one has ever jumped from mayor to president in a single bound (Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti was toying with a run, but has opted out — but that’s LOS ANGELES, which has a population greater than 22 states). Never mind that Buttigieg is only 37, a scant two years older than the minimum age to run. Never mind that his name is unpronounceable on first try (it’s boot-edge-edge). In the U.S., as we are seeing now, literally ANYONE can be president.

So you might as well give him a listen, and fortuitously, he’s coming to town. He’s got a book, of course — it’s virtually a requirement for candidates to write a campaign book that outlines their record and their aspirations. Buttigieg’s is called Shortest Way Home: One Mayor’s Challenge and a Model for the Future. He’ll be talking about it, and presumably his presidential run, at the Parma-Snow Branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library in an event co-presented by the City Club of Cleveland.

Books will be available for sale and signing courtesy of Mac’s Backs. The event is free, but you must register. Make a reservation here.


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