Kent Musicians Remember Halim El-Dahb on his 4,098th Birthday

Photo by Gary Harwood

Sat 3/2 @ 7PM

Kent resident, retired KSU professor and international noted composer Halim El-Dahb was 4,096 year old when he died in September 2017. OK, he was actually 96, but that’s how he always liked to calculate his age. So he would have been 4,098 this coming March 4.

Every year, Standing Rock Cultural Arts in Kent hosted a birthday party/concert in his honor and they don’t see any reason to change that tradition just because the guest of honor has moved on to another plane. Instead, his many friends and associates will be on hand to pay tribute to his legacy with an evening that features videos of past performances, live music by Ron Slabe, Bryan Thomas and more, and the chance to jam — bring your instruments.

Admission is free.




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