Jazz Trio Mostly Other People Do the Killing Returns to the BOP STOP with New Material

Tue 2/19 @ 7PM

Mostly Other People Do the Killing is a New York-based jazz ensemble led by bassist Moppa Elliott, which describes itself as a “Terrorist Be-Bop Uber-Jass Ensemble.” It’s had a series of evolving configurations in its 16 years, sucking up a lot of different influences along the way. But as the name suggests, this is a band that wants music making to be fun and irreverent.

“I like my jazz with some dirt on it, sometimes a lot of dirt,” says Elliott, who says that his music “both blatantly mocks and reveres the jazz tradition.”

The group recently released its tenth studio album Paint, in 2017, and it’s getting ready to unveil some new material when it returns to the BOP STOP. It’s the same trio that performed there two years ago, with Elliot on bass, Ron Stabinksi on piano and Kevin Shea on drums.

Tickets are $15.

After their set, stick around for the experimental, improvisational jam session Outlab which kicks off at 9pm. All are welcome to bring something to makes sounds with and participate.




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