Explore the History of Chocolate & Try Some Too at the Canton Museum of Art

Wed 2/13 @ 11:30AM-2PM

What’s the story of chocolate, other than that some of us are so addicted to it we need to have a little of it every day? It’s actually had quite a long and fascinating history as it traveled from its origins in Central America to spread throughout the world, first as an expensive delicacy and later as a treat for the masses.

Learn more about its migrations and transformations at the Canton Museum of Art when the Canton Fine Arts Associates present “Sweet Stuff: The Story of Chocolate”

Kim Kenney, curator of the McKinley Presidential Library and Museum, will talk chocolate, and there will be a catered lunch, which of course includes free samples of chocolate.

Tickets are $15. The event is open to the public but reservations are required. Email at marcie@cantonart.org or call 330-453-7666 ext. 105.

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