Artists Archives Hosts Program About the Art of Former NE Ohio Inhabitants the Iroquois

Sat 3/2 @ 1PM

Before the British settled the Great Lakes, Ohio was inhabited by the Iroquois confederation. Like many Americans, Ohioans know little about who first lived on the land where they live, and what became of their descendants. John Kunikis, a teacher and curator, has made it his mission to change this. From 1994 to 2009, Kunikis operated an art space devoted to Iroquois objects, First People’s Gallery. Saturday March 3, he will give a talk at the Artist Archives of the Western Reserve about the visual culture of Northeastern tribespeople. The illustrated presentation will introduce attendees to sculpture, painting, pottery and masks made by contemporary Iroquois artists, and situate this work in the context of indigenous lifestyles and spirituality.

The event is free, but registration is requested. Please RSVP by calling 216-721-9020, or going to the talk’s Eventbrite. For more info, go to

[Written by Joseph Clark]

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