Artist Carmen Winant Speaks at Cleveland Museum of Art on “Unmaking the Picture”

Sat 2/16 @ 2PM

Visual artist Carmen Winant is the Chair of Studio Art at The Ohio State University. Her work revolves around found images, which she repurposes in large-scale collages and mixed media work to look at and aggressively confront how women are represented in the media and in society. A descendent of the so-called Pictures Generation of artists from the 70s and 80s, Winant, who is 35, similarly rearranges images and text to tell a new story. She’s exhibited installations in New York and Columbus, which “utilized an explosive, overwhelming, and endlessly modular logic, challenging the manner in which pictorial sequences are read, and made neatly legible.”

Winant will speak at the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Gartner Auditorium on “Unmaking the Picture.” She’ll talk about using photography to question feminist narrative asking “Is it possible to ‘picture’ liberation? How do violence and submission manifest for the camera? What does pleasure look like? In what ways do pictures consistently fail us?”

The talk is free, registration is required. Go here.




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