Annual DayGloSho at Waterloo Arts Shines Blacklight on Fluorescent Artworks

Fri 3/1 @ 6-10PM

The annual DayGloSho, which opens this weekend at Waterloo Arts, is an eagerly anticipated event. Now in its 7th iteration, it began at Doubting Thomas Gallery in Tremont before moving crosstown to the Waterloo Arts District.

The show is sponsored by the Cleveland-based DayGlo Color Corp., which donates the fluorescent paints so that now, more than 40 artists can create a dazzling array of paintings, sculptures and other artworks. In addition to its usual invited artist roster, this year the gallery hosted open studios in February where any interested person could come to produce work with the paints. The main gallery will feature the work by invited artists, while the annex gallery will be available for anyone who wants to hang their work there.

The show will be on view through Sat 3/30 but you’ll probably want to come to the opening reception during Walk All over Waterloo, when blacklight will bright out the colors’ latent sizzle and make you feel like you’re in a hippie pad circa 1967.



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