acerbic Artist Collective Brings Its Blend of Words & Images to Brews + Prose at Market Garden Brewery

Tue 3/5 @ 7PM

Brews + Prose is a special monthly event held at Market Garden Brewery in Ohio City.
Already a strange combination of beer and poetry, March 5th’s event will bring in visual art as well, introducing “acerbic.” Ali Black, Donald Black, and Gabriel Gonzalez make up the photographic, poetic and artistic collective that brings us this powerful collaboration.

The trio expertly combine Ali’s poetry with the photography of the Donald and Gabriel to create beautiful and impactful installations that explore the life in the “Forgotten Triangle” of Kinsman. Having grown up in the neighborhoods of Mt. Pleasant and Clark-Fulton, the three challenge the way the arts community is predominantly white, even in neighborhoods that aren’t.

Beyond the incredible shows they have already done, the three artists have a larger goal in mind: to shift the power dynamic in Cleveland’s art community. The group continues their mission in other ways too, opening a space in Mt. Pleasant called Balanced Point, where they’ve offered small workshops.

acerbic as described by the Collective: “We are here to answer all of the questions that no one is asking. We want to comfort the disturbed and challenge the perception of the people who are comfortable. This all started eight years ago when we decided to make solutions to the challenges we were facing as artists of color. We write, we perform, we document and we illustrate the world of the have nots.”

The event is free and open to all.

[Written by Jenna Thomas]

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