Explore Art by Women in the Akron Art Museum Collection

Thu 1/3 @ 6:30PM

The canon of “great artists” has long been heavily male, not because men are more talented but because of societal pressures that have kept women from opportunities for art-making, and sidelined and overlooked them when they seized opportunities. That’s changed in the big way in the last century, especially in the last 50 years, with women claiming their places in the art world (although, as some have pointed out, galleries and museums still tend to favor men).

The Akron Art Museum will conduct an hour-long tour focusing on the many women in their collection, which centers on post-World War II American Art. They’ll include pieces such as “The World and the Woman” (pictured) by Viola Frey (1933-2004), a Bay area artist known for her oversized ceramic figures which addressed gender issues and questioned gender assumptions.

It will also take a look at the current exhibition Allison Zuckerman: Pirate and Muse, exploring the artist’s digital collages of imagery taken from both art history and contemporary pop culture. It’s free and open to all. Registration is required.


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