Windy Borman, Other Women Wax on Weed in Film at Capitol Theater

Thu 12/13 @ 7PM

Her initials might be W. B., but Windy Borman’s film is the farthest one can imagine from a Warner Bros. production. Her documentary, Mary Janes – The Women of Weed, premiers at Gordon Square’s Capitol Theater, thanks in part to Tugg, an online grassroots source that brings social justice films to local venues.

According to the filmmaker, women are at the forefront of what’s now considered the fastest growing industry: cannabis. Borman explores the movement to end marijuana prohibition, the taboos behind it and along the way challenges her own personal assumptions about pot by way of interviews with an eclectic cast of women, including musical artist Melissa Etheridge.

The film challenges viewers to see the connection between cannabis liberation and our most pressing social justice issues.

Could the green revolution hold the keys to environmental sustainability? Might it end the War on Drugs which, unless you’re apathetic, in denial and/or watching Fox (Not) News, is considered the propaganda machine that gave rise to our shameful prison-industrial complex? Oh, yeah, Mary Janes also flies in the ugly face of that other destructive societal force: Big Pharma.




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