Wesley Bright & the Honeytones Bring “Happiness” to Their Fans With a New Album at the Happy Dog

Fri 12/7 @ 8:30PM

Singer Wesley Bright has been one of the “brightest” spots, so to speak, on the local music scene since he made his debut with Wesley Bright & the Hi-Lites back in 2011. The band made an almost instant splash and played to capacity crowds, who danced ecstatically to the bands ’60s- and ’70s –style R&B sound, until internal issues caused them to split in late 2015.

By early 2016, Bright was back out playing with Wesley Bright & the Honeytones, doing the same type of sweaty, horn-driven retro-soul as the earlier band, entertaining fans with his turbo-charged, hyper-committed performances. In fact, most of its members are the same — only the rhythm section has changed.

Now the band is releasing a brand new album called Happiness, providing a health holiday helping of new music for their famished fans. They’ll unveil it at a release party at the Happy Dog in Gordon Square.

Admission is $10.


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