Come Dancing with Get Hep Swing at North Collinwood’s Lithuanian Club

Sat 12/29 @ 7:45PM

Let’s say you overate during the holidays (Can’t resist your sister’s wonderful chocolate chip cookies?) A fun and painless way to work off those calories is to go dancing — and Cleveland’s Get Hep Swing is always offering opportunities to do so in a fun, social setting that requires no skill or previous experience.

This weekend’s dance is at the Lithuanian Club in North Collinwood. As usual, it starts with a dance lesson (Loreto Agdinaoay and Rachel Itsell are this month’s instructors) from 8-9 so the inexperienced can gain confidence and the veterans can pick up a few new things and help guide the novice.

Then from 9-midnight, you can tear up the dance floor to tunes for jitterbug, lindy, balboa, Charleston, blues and shag and who knows what else, spun by Bryan Hlavacek, Itsell and Agdinaoay. No don’t worry if you don’t have a partner. Part of the fun is that everyone switches partners throughout the lesson and dance, so you also get to meet lots of people and maybe make some new friends.

“We welcome anyone to join us who has an interest in dance, music, socializing and fun,” they said. “We don’t care what your physical ability or size is, where you are in life, where you are on the spectrum of sexual or gender orientation, what color or creed, or non-creed, you are. We are the easiest club to join. If you have an interest, you are in.”

Wear comfortable shoes and dress as fancy or as comfortably as you like. Admission is $12 at the door.


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