Cleveland’s Masked Mushroomhead Celebrates Krampus/Christmas at the Agora

Sat 12/29 @ 7PM

Twenty-five years after they first got together as a supposed side project from their “real bands,” Cleveland’s Mushroomhead just keeps going and going and going.

With founder/drummer Steve “Skinny” Felton anchoring the band (which has had numerous member changes), the masked and costumed ensemble continues to record (its last album was 2014’s The Righteous and the Butterfly) and tour, reminding its faithful fan base just how original their version of ’90s heavy music was, with its elements of hip hop, industrial, metal and progressive rock, more artful combined than most bands who attempted it. Their visual elements also always felt more coherent and thoughtful than those of other bands who tried the same shtick; Slipknot (with whom they once had a rivalry that was friendly or not depending on who you talked to) felt like a rough knockoff.

The group still plays its hometown several times a year, thrilling fans with old favorites. They’ll be back at the Agora Theatre for their “Krampus Christmas show,” also featuring Unsaid Fate, Dose and Not My Master.

Tickets are $25.

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