Artists and Musicians Who Want to Be Part of Brite Winter: It’s Time to Apply

Through Fri 12/21 @ 5PM

When the Brite Winter festival returns to the West Bank of the Flats on February 23, it will be celebrating its 10th year, and phenomenal growth since its first edition as a tiny, one-stage event attracting a few hundred people on a riverbank on the other side of the West Bank.

Brite Winter features a strong lineup of mostly local bands, but it also includes art installations, games and various hands-on activities, both indoors in the surrounding venues and outside, including on outdoor stages.

It’s currently looking for submissions for project ideas as well as for fabricators to help build installations, due by Fri 12/21 at 5pm. The theme this year is Brite 10: Onward, devoted to movement and travel in all its aspects.

They explain, “You can apply for all types of projects — site specific installations or decorations that fit well in our large heated tents, large-scale free-standing art pieces, roaming performance (your improv group’s whimsical reimagining of classic midcentury airline stewards? a group of astronauts? submariners?), or music.

Projects are accepted on a rolling basis, so the sooner you apply, the better your chances of being accepted (and receiving a grant or stipend!)”

To learn more or apply go here.

As for musical acts, they specify that they’re looking for those with a “connection to our theme, multimedia aspects and ambient quality/danceability. Originally produced dance music, DJ acts and live acts requiring minimum inputs/sound engineering are given preference.”

Musical acts can go here to apply.

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