Local Bands Honor the Music of Queen at the House of Blues

Photo of Freddie Mercury by Anastasia Pantsios

Fri 11/23 @ 7:30PM

With the release of the new film Bohemian Rhapsody, everyone’s gone crazy for Queen again. Focusing on the life of singer Freddie Mercury who died of AIDS in 1991, it’s earned praise for how accurately the actors inhabit the band members’ skins, and especially how actor Rami Malek delivers an uncanny likeness of Mercury, down to duplicating his extraordinary vocals, although some have critiqued it for whitewashing Mercury’s homosexuality.

The film has caused a resurgence of interest in this and its distinctive, dramatic sound, which fit into no genre category extant during its peak years from 1974-1981, and a re-exploration of its catalogue.

Cleveland’s Uptight Sugar, featuring vocalist David Hamilton, who released their debut EP Under the Blue Light earlier this year, and theatrical singer/songwriter/pianist Tim Moon, who has kind of a Freddie Mercury thing going on in his own singing, will take their explorations public at the House of Blues, with an evening called Bohemian Rhapsody. Rock quintet Pop Fiction hosts the after party.

Tickets are $12.


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