Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s Think and Drink With the Extinct Looks at Prehistoric Cleveland

Thu 11/8 @ 6PM

The regular Think and Drink With the Extinct evenings are the REAL nights at the museum. They happen select week nights at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, placing educational and entertaining programs amidst a fun atmosphere. Visitors mingle among the dinosaurs, dioramas and astronomical setups, partakeing of beer, wine and food.

“Prehistoric Cleveland” is the name of this one, emphasizing that life was like in this very region in ancient days, from the era of reptiles to the ice age. See giant beasts from the fossil record that walked or swam these very avenues. And ponder that the Browns didn’t have a hope of going to a Superbowl back then either.

Admission is $12, or free for Museum members.

[Written by Charles Cassady]



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