Renowned Canadian Macro Photographer Focuses on Cleveland Photo Society

Fri 10/26 @ 7:30PM

From the biggest country in North America, Canada, comes some of the most exquisitely detailed close-up nature photography.

That fact is not lost on Canadian landscape photographer Don Komarechka, who speaks at Cleveland Photographic Society tonight. One of the featured photographers in Mike Moats Macro Photo Conference in Cleveland, Komarechka uses macro techniques in Barrie, Ontario, to capture everything from the aurora borealis to pollen, from insects (my favorite) to infrared images. His style renders a deeper understanding of nature by revealing what is hidden to the human eye.

His first book, Sky Crystals: Unraveling the Mysteries of Snowflakes, illustrates Komarechka’s painstaking attention to detail. His work was featured on an episode of The Nature of Things with renowned Canadian environmental activist David Suzuki.

No slacker, though he’s a stacker: Komarechka also collaborated with the BBC to create the series Forces of Nature, and in the Discovery documentary Mosquito, in which he used ultraviolet fluorescence and complex focus stacking.

Attendees get the chance to win a free copy of the book Sky Crystals when they enter the raffle.  Admission is free.


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