Phoebe Hunt Sings Songs About Obstacles to Achieving Peace at Riverdog Barn

Thu 10/11 @ 7:30PM

The idea that children rebel against what their parents were has been debunked as largely a myth. There’s no better example of that than Phoebe Hunt, who will be playing with her band the Gatherers at Riverdog Barn.

Hunt’s parents were hippie-types who met at a yoga ashram where they were disciples of Guru Swami Satchidananda. They wanted to name her Shanti, the Hindu word for peace, but deferred to naming her after her grandmother Phoebe, and used Shanti as her middle name.

In 2016, Hunt and her husband journeyed to India for a ten-day mediation retreat, during which time grandmother Phoebe died. Her bio says, “The entire experience, ripe with creative efflorescence, formed the core of a bittersweet irony for Hunt. While in pursuit of her spiritual namesake — the shanti of peace, tranquility, creativity, and bliss — her familial namesake passed away.”

That experience inspired her latest album, Shanti’s Shadow. On it she confronts the issue of how personal egos and desires stand in the way of achieving peace and tranquility, as well as her own struggle to overcome obstacles to her own creativity. Musically she incorporates influences from studying music in Indian with her skillful blend of Americana-style influences.

“Each of us, no matter who we are, has a shadow side, a realm of our being associated in many traditions with the ego or the self,” she says in her bio. “Though what I create may have its roots in my soul, it first has to pass through the filter of my body and ego before it finds a place in the world. Knowing that, my goal for this album was to be as vulnerable and raw as possible in order to share my shadow.”

Brother Roy and Sam Bailey & Riley Calcagno open the show. Tickets are $18 at the gate; $5 for students. Lorenzo’s woodfired pizza will again be onsite, but guests are welcome to bring their coolers and picnic baskets.





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