Modern Female Rock Stars

Don’t be afraid. It’s time for women in our region to step up. And it’s time for men around here to help them do just that.

CoolCleveland’s newest video correspondent Megan Alves goes looking for the strangest things in Cleveland, and meets up with Clement Kunkle of Lakewood’s Cleveland Curiosities, your one-stop shop for mortuary paraphernalia, religious antiques, vintage medical equipment and anatomical specimens. You’ll dig her video.

And CoolCleveland’s youngestcommentator, CSU sophomore Jenna Thomas, breaks down the upcoming governor’s race, attends the debate, and spells it out: on health care, education, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, and more, Thomas confronts Mike DeWine, and lays out a devastating case for supporting Richard Cordray. Mansfield provides all the good reasons we are ENDORSING a YES vote on Issue 1 to reform drug laws and increase treatment. CoolCleveland readers are implored to get out and vote.

Listen to the fourth installment of our new PODCAST featuring an all-female cast of characters, from women-fronted local bands Niights, The Sonder Bombs and Mimi Arden, to a new festival of education and empowerment for women called Empower U. Listen up. Then you can Grab ‘Em By The Midterms at Lakewood Civic, featuring Betty Sutton, Marcy Kaptur and three woman congressional candidates.

So can I be honest for a moment? If you’re a member of the status quo, I implore you to engage more women, more young people, more talented people with more diverse backgrounds, and put them in charge, so we can step into the light together. Oh, and don’t forget to vote. –Thomas Mulready

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