Cleveland’s Whiskey Daredevils Survive Europe to Debut New CD at the Grog Shop

Fri 10/19 @ 9PM

Cleveland’s Whiskey Daredevils call themselves “America’s finest country punkabilly band.” And with frontman/vocalist Greg Miller and drummer Leo P. Love working this territory since their days with the Cowslingers (1990-2003), they’re experts, in blending tongue-in-cheek, punk-infused rockabilly with real tears-in-your-beers heartstrings tuggers.

It’s anyone’s guess though what shape they’ll be in when they return to the Grog Shop, fresh off a hectic European tour you can read all about in detail on Miller’s blog.  There they’ll debut a new record called American Songbook, the last recorded with former guitarist Gary Siperko. They describe it as “a collection of songs seeped in the muck of Americana while maintaining the Whiskey Daredevils skewed vision of what rock n’ roll is supposed to be in today’s world.” It features 10 songs that sum up the good, the bad and ugly of this always-entertaining band.

Americana/punk trio the Torments and rockabilly ragers Lords of the Highway open so it should be an over-the-top night from beginning to end. Tickets are $8 in advance, $10 at the door.


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