Words Grow on Trees at an “Inspired by the Parks” Poetry Reading in the Cuyahoga Valley

Thu 9/6 @ 7PM

Everyone’s remembering Henry David Thoreau’s classic nature-inspired writings (well, okay, not everyone — we just heard one NPR segment about it; we don’t get out much). But you don’t have to go to Walden Pond to be “Inspired by the Parks” this week.

The Cuyahoga Valley Institute is having three of its artists-in-residence to do a night of live readings and recitations in honor of nature, particularly the variety found within the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, one of the region’s verdant treasures, extending from Cuyahoga to Summit County. It takes place at CVNPs Hines Hill Conference Center.

Featured will be Pittsburgh-based natural science writer Karin McCay, Minnesota resident poet-essayist Nancy Cook, and Michigan photographer Marilyn Feather. Audience questions and input are encouraged.

Admission is free, but registration online is required via inspired-by-the-parks-a-reading-of-prose-and-poetry/.

[Written by Charles Cassady Jr.]


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