Will We All Float Down There: the NE Ohio Regional Sewer District Open House

Sat 9/15 @ 9AM-4PM

We just learned this: at the end of the tech-crazed Internet bubble in 1999, entrepreneurs perfected a method of conveying smells via the internet. You could have a little PC-connected device that produced food odors, gunpowder (for video games), sample perfumes from cosmetics websites, you name it. But it turned out nobody wanted online smell ability. Period. And the investors lost everything.

Headline writers were cruel in saying that the idea “stank,” but keep it in mind for the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District’s Clean Water Fest.

It’s an annual open house in the Cuyahoga Heights wastewater-treatment complex that celebrates the science of waste reclamation and the transformation of sewage into drinking water, in a fun, fragrant and family-friendly way.

Take part in tours (reservations in advance required) of the facilities, including by bicycle. There will also be food trucks, mascots and special entertainment.

Admission is free.


[Written by Charles Cassady Jr.]



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