Street Art

Most art started as street art, then was invited into the galleries and museums. So if you want to see the art of tomorrow, look to the streets.

So, artist Sean Jason Kelly cremates dead dogs he finds on Train Avenue, and uses their ashes in his work. The Garlic Festival comes to you from the ground to the streets of Shaker Square. InCuya Festival (finally) brings a big-time music fest to the streets of Downtown, while Akron’s Jazz and Blues Festival brings its four-day feast to venues all around town.

Rain barrel workshops, the Rock Hall’s Summer in the City, Superior Arts District’s Avenue of the Arts, even the Cleveland Challenge Cup of Bocce, all can be found on our sizzling streets this week. Steve Presser is honored at Pressapalooza, The Music Settlement opens its Ohio City campus, and TCO wraps up Summers@Severance.

The countdown continues as we remind our readers to check if you’re registered to vote here, register here if you need to, and stay active until the November election. This week we outline how Issue 1 would change the Ohio constitution to reduce penalties for nonviolent drug offenders. We’ll see you on the streets. –Thomas Mulready

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