Preterm Community Night Talks About Reducing Infant Mortality

Mon 9/17 @ 6-8PM

As many have come to realize, many of those who most aggressively market themselves as “pro-life” don’t care much about “life” after it’s born.

Not so the women’s health clinics they attack, such as Planned Parenthood and Cleveland’s Preterm. They take an active in interest in helping women have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies, if it’s their choice. That’s why, for its monthly community night, Preterm has invited First Year Cleveland to be its presenter. You’ll learn how the organization is addressing Cuyahoga County’s shamefully high infant mortality rates, especially among minorities, and how they are working to improve health and wellness among mothers and babies.

The free program is open to all and social workers (as well as nurses, pending approval) can earn two free CEUs.

There’s also free parking in the Preterm parking lot to avoid those sour-faced old men who are usually out protesting on the tree lawn.

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