PetFix’s No Balls Ball Helps Pay for Clinic’s Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Procedures

Sat 9/8 @ 6:30PM

How do we love PetFix? Let us count the ways! The low-cost spay/neuter clinic in Euclid, which serves rescues, shelters, feral colony caretakers and private pet owners, provided this writer with her entertaining Siamese baby, who was trapped, neutered and ready to be released to the streets — tipped ear and all — until I took her in.

Now there’s a chance to help out the nonprofit clinic in a big way at its annual No Balls Ball, taking place this year at a new venue: the Stonewater Golf Club in Highland Heights. There will be food and drinking, music and dancing, a silent auction and great views from the outdoor veranda. Let’s hope the local stray cats don’t find out and come around looking for homes!

Also that evening, the PetFix HeroAward will be given to Valley Save-a-Pet, an all-volunteer group which has been rescuing and re-homing cats and dogs since 1976.

Tickets are $120, and could not be going to a better cause, since PetFix’s low fees cover only about 74% of their costs. The work they do in reducing the population of unwanted animals is so vital.


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