LEGO BrickUniverse Stacks Up Against the Cleveland Convention Center

Sat 9/8 & Sun 9/9 @ 10AM-4PM

Cleveland recently raised property taxes on its hapless homeowners, far out of proportion for an economic basketcase of a city. Why? Some cynics sensed a crude tax cash grab in progress. But we have a more innocent explanation; the city is simply now counting LEGO homes and structures as real property.

Have you seen a good LEGO house or castle or fortress? Who wouldn’t want to live in one of those instead?

BrickUniverse is a LEGO fan convention that has barnstormed (LEGO barns?) from one city to another with a fantastic array of LEGO creations: architecture, robotics, superheroes, train layouts, battleships, etc. It arrives for a weekend at the Huntington Cleveland Convention Center with a plethora of celebrities from the world of LEGO — artists/engineers, authors and Internet stars.

Admission is $15 in advance, plus admissions fee and tax (LEGO property taxes, we told you!).


[Written by Charles Cassady]


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