Help the Families of Norwalk ICE Raid Victims at Collection Event

Sun 9/16 @ 9AM-10PM

In June the Norwalk immigrant community was devastated by one of the largest ICE immigration raids in the country, which swept up hundreds of people, some of whom had been living and working in the community without incident for decades. They left behind family, including American-born children who need ongoing help with day items and long-term help with legal issues.

Cleveland community members and businesses have banded together to sponsor at collection event called Together for Norwalk to collect food, clothes, school supplies and money, to fill a truck to deliver to Norwalk. Items can be dropped off at La Plaza Supermarket all day Sunday.

A list of what they need is below:

Winter coats from new born to adult.
Socks, gloves, mittens and winter hats
Boots/snow boots (men, women and kids)
Sweaters, long-sleeve shirts and long-sleeve hooded Ts

Personal Hygiene :
Shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, feminine pads, body soap and hand soap.

Home Goods:
Dish soap, laundry soap, napkins, fabric softener, Clorox eipes, Pine Sol, any cleaning supplies.

Rice, beans, cereal, cans of soup, salt, pepper, peanut butter, jelly, cooking oil, sugar, juice (any flavor), juice for children, anything that is a dry good and can have a long shelf life

School and Classroom Supplies:
Crayons, pens, paper, pencils, head phones (simple earbuds), antibacterial wipes, color pencils, tissues, glue, construction paper & notebooks.

Baby Care items:
Diapers, clothing, wipes and baby food.

Gift Cards from Walmart or Dollar Tree:
We will use them to buy the perishable food at The Norwalk Walmart and Norwalk Dollar Tree.

All cash donations will be taken by La Plaza counted and used for fresh produce like cilantro, tomatoes, jalapeños, tortillas, onions and other produce for the norwalk people to be purchased at La Plaza.




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