Go Full Tilt at the Cleveland Pinball and Arcade Expo in Independence


Thu 9/6 @ 5PM-12AM

Fri 9/7 @ 10AM-12AM

Sat 9/8 @ 10AM-12AM

Sun 9/9 @ 9AM-6PM

Ever since we were a young man, we played the silver ball … and Space Invaders, and Pac Man, and low-tech shooting gallery and helicopter-flying upright games. Relive the glory days of pinball wizardry at the Cleveland Pinball and Arcade Expo, the whole weekend at the Holiday Inn of Independence.

It’s a ballroom filled with retro-to-modern arcade games – primarily pinball, ranging from the classic “Comet” (with its fiendish central spinning turntable to send your ball any which way) to new games licensed to The Sopranos and The Addams Family.  A smattering of arcade favorites will include Atari/Balley classics like Joust and Zaxxon.

Gameplay is free with — and many of the units will be for sale. In addition there will be a gamer flea market, special seminars and — bonus rounds! — a live DJ and the talents of the Ohio Burn Unit.

This is indeed a sanctioned event of the governing body of pinball sports, the IFPA. So there will be tournaments, and perhaps a champion will arise to make us forget all about that LeBron person.

Tickets are $20 per day or $65 for a four-day pass (extra points if you pay in quarters?).


[Written by Charles Cassady]






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