Ernie Krivda Plays Old Music from New CD at the BOP STOP

Sun 9/9 @ 7PM

Cleveland jazz sax player/composer/arranger/educator Ernie Krivda has had an illustrious career, stretching back more than 50 years. He’s appeared on dozens of albums, both as a sideman and under his own name. And at 74, he’s not nearly ready to quit yet.

Early this past summer, he released a new album with his Swing City septet — one of several ensembles he has led over the years — called A Bright and Shining Moment on Capri Records. In fact, the record dates from the early part of this century, since this ensemble split in 2002. It features the band’s unique take on classic tracks such as Duke Ellington’s “Caravan” and “The Mooche,” and Gershwin’s “Summertime” and “The Man I Love,” as well as Krivda’s own compositions.

In the liner notes, Krivda says, “The band would be called Swing City. The name would identify the rhythmic groove that the band’s musical stories would ride on, and our respect for its place in the pantheon of jazz. We valued freedom of spirit with a commitment to feel and melodic clarity as sources of beauty and a way to connect with each other and the audience. With a fresh perspective, we heard a jazz culture that would use skill, craft, and individuality to create a people’s music.”

He’ll be at the BOP STOP to celebrate the music on that album. He’ll be joined by drummer Jim Rupp, bassist Roger Hines and guitarist Brent Hamker. Admission is $15.







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