Dance Up a Storm at the Chagrin Falls Contra Dance

Tue 9/18 @ 7:30PM

Like swing dance and square dance (to which it’s a close cousin), contra dance is essentially a community social gathering. Come with a partner, come alone, come with a group — everyone dances with everyone else before the evening is over.

And it’s not a dance for only for the skilled. Each session starts with a half hour lesson and then, as with square dancing, a caller calls out the moves.

Contra dances take place regularly around northeast Ohio including at the Chagrin Falls Town Hall, where it’s happening this Tuesday. Lesson is at 7:30; dancing to a live band, featuring Paul Kovac on fiddle and banjo, Caroline King on accordion and piano and Will Craig on percussion, goes from 8-10:30. It’s $10 for adults, $8 for youth and $25 for a family.

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