Chalk Is Cheap at the Cleveland Museum of Art Chalk Festival

Sat 9/15 & Sun 9/16 @ 11AM-5PM

We’re so disgusted by overpriced, overhyped, incomprehensible “modern art” that the only art we respect any more are sidewalk chalk art and whimsical paintings of dogs playing poker (BREAKING NEWS: Damien Hirst electrifies high-priced art world with his new series up for auction at Sotheby’s, “Dogs Playing Poker” — using real dogs in formaldehyde). OK, just chalk art now.

Lucky thing it is time for the annual Chalk Festival at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Said to be inspired by Italian Renaissance tradition, in which chalk artists copied established masterpieces, but using only chalk outside of cathedrals, this is the CMA’s family-fun variation. Teams rent (from $10 to $20) an area of sidewalk and the requisite colored chalk in the Fine Arts Garden to make ephemeral masterpieces on the concrete.

Stenciling materials will also be onsite, but there will be an abundance of special guest artists (and art students). Live music featuring Blue Lunch and Global Connections is also part of the palette.

Pre-registration is required to actively take part; phone 216-707-2483. Spectating is free. Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult guardian.


[Written by Charles Cassady Jr.]

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