Snag a Piece of the Soon-to-Be-History Phantasy Nite Club Complex at the Phantasy Phlea

Sun 8/26 @ noon-5PM

In case you hadn’t heard, the Phantasy Concert Club, a mainstay of Cleveland’s New Wave/punk scene in the ’80s and the Goth/industrial scene in the ’90s, has really truly been sold to a developer after years of rumors. And that means it will soon be demolished, existing only in memories. (The infamous ship, its most distinctive internal decor element, is said to be set to be sold and preserved — somewhere).

There’s a “Pharewell” concert coming up September 2 (ark your calendar!), but in the meanwhile, if you’d like a concrete memory, get over to the Phabulous Phanatsy Phlea Market and Tag Sale. There’ll be souvenirs from the Phantasy, and its connected clubs, the Chamber and the Symposium, such as posters, barware, lighting and musical equipment, and Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson memorabilia. There’ll also be a special Phantasy Nite Club T-shirt for sale. Come look for bargains as they clean the place out!


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