Make a Whistle Stop at the Canton Palace Train Expo

Fri 8/10-Sun 8/12 @ 6:30-10PM

Buy a seat aboard the inaugural Canton Palace Train Expo. It’s a weekend devoted to train nostalgia, memorabilia and movies, inside an ornate and historic Vaudeville-style movie house.

Vendors will be set up — we assume peddling memorabilia with an accent on the train-related. Meanwhile the venue’s giant screen will showcase a different locomotive-oriented feature film each night. Friday night kicks off with the pioneering cinema landmark, 1903’s proto-western short subject The Great Train Robbery, followed by 1952’s Denver and the Rio Grande, a lush Hollywood’s-eye-view of how railroads conquered the west.

Saturday night’s feature is The General, the Buster Keaton 1925 slapstick-masterwork vehicle about a Civil War train chase (based loosely of fact) for which the filmmakers wrecked an actual full-sized engine, no modelwork or CGI. There might indeed by CGI in Sunday night’s Unstoppable, a Denzel Washington actioner (partially shot in Ohio) about a train going out of control (like many movie budgets).

Hey, no Thomas the Tank Engine? Admission is $5 at the door, regardless.


[Written by Charles Cassady Jr.]

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